About the Author

Author Nina Stone was originally born Nina Renfrow in the great state of Texas, but never resided
there for very long. At the age of five, her parents moved her and her younger sister from
Louisiana to Alaska where they lived for several years.  The gypsy blood started burning again,
and this time Nina ended up with her parents and - now - two sisters in New Mexico.  That lasted
for just about a year when the parents got itchy feet yet again.  On their way back to Alaska, they
stopped in Wyoming - for roughly ten years.  When her parents finally made it back to Alaska, she
followed them north and stayed.

Nina met her husband a year later. Together they have raised two sons exclusively in Alaska.  
The oldest is now 20 nd the youngest is 15.  They also share their home with two mangy
chihuahuas named Sushi and Chalupa.

Nina has worked off and on at various jobs to help out when money got tight, but her most
important job is that of wife and mother.  Currently, Nina is not employed, but is devoting her to
not only her family, but to writing new stories and marketing her book.  For fun, Nina likes to read
(of course), write (duh!), search for arrowheads (when she gets to visit her in-laws in Kentucky),
prospect for gold, and take very amateurish pictures with a less than desirable cheap camera.

About Nina's Writing
Nina has been writing stories since grade school.  She never received any awards or won any
contests, but only because she was too shy and lacked confidence in herself. She doesn't like
attention, but has discovered that if she wants to her book into the hands of readers she has to
put herself out in front of people and do things that make her uncomfortable...like book signings!

Nina did take a few writing courses - two were long distance education courses and the third was
through the local college.  She also reads a lot - not only fiction, but books that will help improve
her writing.  And she is always scouring the internet looking for more ways to develop her skills.

Since Nina happens to lie in one of the most beautiful places on earth, she is using Alaska and
her local setting for the stories she writes.  It is her desire to not only share this wonderful state
with others, but also to create stories that touch the heart and bring to life characters that are
realistic and appealing.

To get a taste of Nina of Nina's style and the kind of stories she writes, click
here to read an
Nina Stone