This World Is Not My Home

My husband turned the TV on to the History channel the other night and guess what was on? A documentary talking about the Bible and UFOs and how these different paintings through the centuries show UFOs in them. They are certainly promoting aliens as “angels”. Ancient Astronauts I think is the name of the show. Infuriating. They talk about “visitations” from these astronauts…they even include “black clad beings with scythes (grim reapers) who tried to destroy the human race by spreading plagues”. Sounds like demons to me.

Everything seems to have taken on a sudden burst of speed, as it were. It’s like a gradual build up, starting off slowly and getting faster and faster. But in these last three or four months, it’s as if everything has jumped into hyper-drive, and there’s no stopping now until everything hits a brick wall…or when Jesus Christ returns to earth.

I told my son that I think we are so much closer to Jesus’ return than we even realize. I also told him that when I see these things happening that I’m not frightened or anxious. Instead I’m filled with expectancy, longing for Jesus’ return because I want all this stuff that’s happening in the world to be brought to an end – all the wickedness, the evil, the persecution of the saints, the blasphemy, the hate…all of it.

There is just so much going on in the news that it’s impossible to keep up with everything. You can turn off the TV and get off the computer and retreat into the relative peace and quiet of your own little world. It’s easy to slip into that comfortable place where you feel everything is all right. That all of the things you’ve been seeing and hearing about are just figments of your imagination. The economy isn’t tanking. There are no wars being waged, and earthquakes and tsunamis aren’t devastating entire countries. No dead birds, fish, or any other creatures are washing up on shores, falling from the skies or dropping dead where they stand. No bad weather. No unmitigated hatred against everything good.

You tell yourself that everything is fine. That this isn’t like the days of Noah… or Lot. But that is what the world thinks. While they continue about their business as if everything that is happening in the world is perfectly normal, you know in your heart, your soul, that this is the time spoken of by Jesus and the prophets. The signs are abundantly clear. You know that all these things must come to pass before our King returns to earth and makes things right. And you place your hope and faith in the promise of his love and salvation, and try to wait patiently for that glorious day when we will finally see him face to face.

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