The Life of a True Saint

I came across this on another blog concerning David Wilkerson and the life he led. This man was truly the role model needed for ALL pastors, ministers, preachers, etc, today. He lived a simple and godly life. You don’t find that lifestyle among the “big-name” preachers very often today. Below is an excerpt from the blog:

“Taking a $56,000-a-year salary, Wilkerson lives with his wife, Gwen, 57, in a two-bedroom Manhattan apartment, drives a three-year-old Honda, and employs a church staff of 30, paid from $2 million in annual collection monies and gifts from wealthy donors. “People watch the kind of car you drive,” says Wilkerson, whose four children are ministers themselves or are married to ministers. “My wife doesn’t have a fur, and we both dress modestly. We know we are in a glass bowl.” So, often, are his parishioners: Much of his flock is ragtag, and they receive their pastoral counseling on the grubby streets of Times Square.”

Read the entire story HERE.

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