Upcoming Presidential Election

The Lord has been leading me into new understanding about various things over the past several months.  One of those things is that so-called believers residing in America have made patriotism and nationalism into a new religion.  It has infiltrated the church like a new fad.  It’s “hip” and “cool” to be a TEA Party member, especially if you’re a “Christian.”  (I speak from experience.  I was a TEA Party member at one time.)

While I believe that we must pray for our country and for our leaders, I no longer endorse the idea that believers should venerate patriotism to the level of God.  It is as much an act of idolatry as the pagans who worship idols.

This morning I was reading through the new posts on blogs I follow, and came across one that talks about being asked about the upcoming election and who to vote for.   Michael Boldea makes some pretty profound statements, which most definitely echo the way I feel.  Following is a quote from his blog:

“If men calling themselves bishops, pastors, elders, deacons, prophets and apostles no longer aspire to righteousness, holiness, or any semblance of morality, what makes us think even for one second that a politician will?

The notion that righteousness will flow forth from the oval office, if a certain candidate wins the presidency is childish and foolish on its face.

We are as Israel was, no longer satisfied with the leadership and guidance of God, and for many a year now, have taken it upon ourselves to rule and govern ourselves. We got what we wanted, we got what we deserved, and this time around will be no different than the last. We will, once more, get the kind of leadership we deserve…no better, no worse.What we must not lose sight of is that this rock will keep spinning regardless of who wins the elections in the coming days, and if this rock is still spinning, we the children of God still have a duty and obligation to Him, to preach Christ and Him crucified…..If history has taught us anything, it is that politicians disappoint, and try as we might, we will never have a political solution to a spiritual problem.

Make no mistake, America’s problem is a spiritual one, and the only remedy for what ails this nation is repentance; a repentance that must begin within the house of God, and reverberate throughout the land. ”  —Michael Boldea

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