Bill Muehlenberg of Culture Watch wrote an article called On Leaving Church that addresses the many reasons why Christians are leaving the church today.  These are Christians who are not giving up on God, denying Jesus is the Christ, or renouncing their faith.  These are Christians who have become disillusioned with “church” for many different reasons.  However, he says that it’s a difficult question to answer why so many are leaving.  I disagree.

Reading through all the comments of this article (which were just as interesting as the article itself) reveals the answer. A good number of those who are “done with church” are answering the call of the Holy Spirit to “come out” of the Babylonian church system that has firmly established its presence in the world.  There may be different things going on in each individual church, which are listed in the article, but they all point to the same cause. The church has been infiltrated and taken over by the false doctrines of satan.

This is the reason the true believers, the remnant, who make up the true and living church of God, are leaving their churches.  They know what they are seeing and hearing and experiencing is not right.  They are hungering and thirsting after the true Word of God, and not the watered down, ineffective, so-called “gospel” that is being preached in a majority of churches today.  They are hearing the Spirit of God calling them to “come out” and not be partakers of her sins and ultimately, her punishment.

We ARE living in the end times, no question about it.  Anyone who says or believes differently is deluding him or herself. All you have to do is turn on the TV or other media source, and then compare what you are seeing and/or reading to what the Bible says the world will be like in the end times before Jesus returns. The signs are everywhere including in the “church” that has been overrun with false demon doctrines. That is why you are seeing such an exodus out of the corporate church by a remnant of people who love God – the Way the Truth and the Life – because he no longer inhabits those establishments.

One last thought.  I will admit, happily so, that there are still a few good churches out there led by shepherds who still love the sheep enough to teach the truth. But how much longer will they last in this world that is so anti-Christian – anti-Christ?

A Dream I Had…

Early this morning I had a dream where I walked into my parent’s house (although it wasn’t the house they are living in now).  My dad was seated in a chair in the dining room/kitchen and behind him on the wall was a bright yellow sign that stated: “Stupid Courage.”  End of dream.

I understand that when a person dreams in color – or rather, dreams of items that are a certain color – that the dream is supposed to be from God.  Not sure if that is true or not, but I have to say that the sign was like a beacon.  It was screaming, “Look at me.  This is important.”

So, would anyone out there have any ideas/interpretations?  I have a couple ideas, but would like to hear if anyone else is close to what I’m thinking.