The 13th Enumeration

I don’t normally recommend books on my blog, but today I am making an exception.  I recently read the first three books of a fiction series written by William Struse called, The Thirteenth Series.  Mr. Struse is a plumber with an interest in Biblical history and prophecy.  He has made some rather interesting “discoveries,” which he reveals in his stories.  Apparently, he took a break after the third book in order to elaborate on his findings in a non-fiction series, the first, of which, is already published.

Although these books may not have the makings of best sellers, the stories are interesting and the subject matter is fascinating.  I would suggest reading all three fiction books in the series, and then reading the non-fiction book.  You will have a better understanding of things he mentions in the non-fiction book that refer to things he discusses in the fiction series.

The books are very reasonably priced, and if you sign up for his email you can get a free download of the non-fiction book.  The links to the books and his blog will be supplied below.

The Blog

13th Enumeration


  The 13th Enumeration

The 13th Prime

The 13th Symbol

The 13th Enumeration: Key to the Bible’s Messianic Symbolism (non-fiction)

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