Greece and the IMF

I follow a Yahoo Group called Bible Time.  The administrator of the group, Phil Stone (no relation), has a website also called Bible Time, which lays out an extensive and complete theory of how time works in the Bible.  It’s very interesting and quite fascinating.  If you have the time, I suggest checking it out.  (Click on the two Bible Time links above)

Anyway, Phil just posted an intriguing explanation through the Yahoo group of what is happening with Greece and the IMF.  With his permission, I am sharing his commentary below.  Enjoy.

The drama out of Greece continues…

In today’s news the IMF says that Greece is being the “most unhelpful”
nation they’ve ever tried to conquer, that in their 70 year history.
(OK, my paraphrase, using their playbook for what they are really doing.)

Both sides, for differing reasons, needs to blame the other for a Greek
exit from the Euro. It impacts how the various tribunals will play out
after the war, bankers don’t go to jail, but national leaders do.

Short term the bankers have the upper hand, since Greece may run out of
money soon, maybe even weeks.

Long term Greece has the upper hand, since if Greece does leave, so will
several other countries in southern Europe, and the banks themselves
become more insolvent.

It looks like the Greek strategy is simple. Talk a long mile, then say
yes to whatever the IMF and/or Germany requests, then go home to Greece
and do nothing until the next meeting. Then they repeat the same
strategy again.

On the surface this seems dishonest, and the German and IMF side can
easily garner sympathy in the press. But, it is far less dishonest than
the banker’s side, who’s goal is to enslave a whole nation, continuing a
moral crime against the Greek nation begun years ago. The Greek side
suddenly seeking German war reparations is a polite way to telegraph to
the public what is really going on here, they have been conquered again,
and by the same people.

The Greek side is playing a powerful strategy since it turns their short
term problem into the banker’s long term problem… In the link I
posted above, you’ll see hints that the market is starting to think the
Greeks might win. Called contagion. The market thinks there is a
chance the Greeks will take their friends, other southern European
countries, with them.

If the Greek leaders can play it without getting shot, stabbed,
poisoned, dead by mysterious disease, or falling out of the sky in an
airplane, they may just be the first country in 70 years to win this
game against the bankers… We can certainly hope. (By the way, don’t
fly with these guys, even commercial.)

In any case, the Noah’s flood story that informs this is the “Mountains
becoming visible.” Mountains are a symbolic term for governments,
independent governments. We get to that part of the Noah flood time
line in October of 2015, so the Greek strategy looks like a good one.
They have many months to play. If they win, the prophetic story says
they will take their friends with them…

No matter if they win or not, there will be pain for the Greek people
along the way. Win or loose, the game should be over by the end of the

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