Absolute Truth from the Word of God


Months ago, a German reader of my articles wrote to me about Pastor Latzel of Germany.  He told me that the pastor was preaching boldly the Word of God, and was getting into much trouble because of it. He was even in trouble with a council of pastors. They said that he was preaching hate speech!

Why, you ask?  Pastor Latzel preaches that the God of the Bible is NOT the god of Islam – Allah.  He preaches against Chrislam and says that it is a deception from the devil.  He will not budge from the Word of God. He knows that he may wind up in jail, or worse; but preaching the Truth from God’s Word is most important to this brother in Christ.

Pope Francis is telling the world that God and Allah are the same. This does not surprise me in the least. Catholicism is a cult…

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