A Nation In Disconnect

Heaven Bound

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June 12, 2016.  Another date to add to a growing list of dates as the nation goes in to mourning once again. An unspeakable tragedy no matter what community it took place in when innocent people are killed. And be assured, it could just as well have been a church, a school, a business or a theme park as it was a gay nightclub. And next time (it) will be. For these days there always is …. a next time …. and, there is no one who is not a potential target for this particular brand of hate.

Each day as I read the headlines, it becomes more obvious. The nation and the world at large is rapidly descending in to madness. And if you think this isn’t true …. you are sincerely deluding yourself, my friend. America has not only lost touch with her roots…

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One thought on “A Nation In Disconnect

  1. undeservingservant June 13, 2016 / 6:29 PM

    It’s such a shame to see this level of violence. From the shooter being a Muslim extremist, to Christians being blamed, to having so many souls snuffed out into judgment. It’s sad all around.

    My neighbor is dying of cancer and has literally days left. Yet, he sits out in his fishing boat and floats around our lake for a good portion of the day. I have talked to him numerous times, but there’s a block, a wall, if you will that will not allow the truth in.

    It’s sad to see, and these gay people who died, were condemned and destined for destruction. But it’s always sad to see a soul go to hell.


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