Catholicism Continued (yet again)

A Mom Looking Up

I wasn’t planning on writing yet another post exposing the counterfeit known as the Roman Catholic Church, but I feel I must.

Let me first say, the Truth means everything to me. I do NOT want to spread false information. Rather, I want to expose deception and bring it into light. I realize I may sometimes come off as judgmental and “unloving” in my tone. Nothing could be further from my intentions. I am not judgmental or cold-hearted. The very reason I put myself out there for all the world to critique (that isn’t easy to do) is because I LOVE. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be in Christ and I certainly wouldn’t bother trying to warn people and spread the Gospel. Sometimes-and this is difficult for Americans to hear nowadays-the Truth stings a little bit. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes we need to be less concerned about people’s feelings and their…

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