His goodness and my misinterpretation 

Such wisdom from someone so young.


Sometimes I have conversations with the Lord that look a little like this:

Him: be open to what I have for your future.

me: Where am I going? When am I going? Who will be there? How will I tell the people I love? What if people disagree? What if I miss what You have for me? How will I provide for myself or my family? What if I can’t do it?

Him: beloved, wait. I have been where you will go. I know your journey. I AM.

me: but…

Him: beloved, wait… and in waiting, do.

I am a person who so desperately wants to know. I am a person who will allow myself to become so engulfed in the end that I forget that there is a middle. I wonder, I obsess, and I become so consumed that I fall into a pit of despair. I have to…

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