One thought on “Power and Authority

  1. aagrove9 September 18, 2016 / 8:01 PM

    When you address where the disciples could not cast out the demon because it required both prayer and fasting, and also that their faith was diminished with their unbelief, you pretty much have answered your own question? It requires all of those. However, it is incumbent to each person to seek the truth for themselves. How do we go about this? To pray for understanding, for meaning, for truth? One has to be sincere in their pursuit of Jesus. One must seek, knock and search diligently and sincerely with perseverance. We must remember that we are being tested with regard to our faithfulness and loyalty in following Jesus . We must continue to fight the fight of faith. We must show God how bad we want Him, how bad we want the truth and the things of God? It comes down to how bad, how serious do we want the things of God, the truth, the knowledge of Him, the ability to heal, to cast out demons, and so on. We must fast if necessary when prayer is simply not enough? When we pray, and nothing comes of it, what next? We must take that next step of faith, and if fasting is where we must go, then we must go there! It shows God that we want whatever it may be that He wants us to have that we are serious enough to go after it, by sacrificing our fleshly needs and wants for Him! How bad do we want the things of God? How serious are we about going after those things of God? This isn’t complicated. We must first believe, have the faith that goes with believing, pray, seek, knock, search and fast. Fasting is a big piece of our faith and walk with God that many of us leave out of our walk with Christ. Fasting is not easy, but a necessary tool showing God how serious we are in receiving those blessings and things that God is willing to bestow upon us according to His will.

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