Could WWIII Be the October Surprise?

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


Russia’s President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul. (REUTERS/Murad Sezer)


We are being bombarded with tales of groping and other scandals by the press. One thing I have learned in in the past eight years is that when the press is harping on one thing – look for the real story they are trying to hide.


Russia Is Preparing for a Nuclear War With the United States

In Russia there is talk that war with the United States is inevitable, and they are feverishly preparing to win such a war when it happens.

Thanks to tensions over Ukraine, Syria and the price of oil, U.S. relations with Russia are the worst that they have been since at least the end of the Cold War. In fact, one false move could result in U.S. and Russian forces shooting at each…

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