End Times Choice: Rebellion, Revolt and Revolution OR Submission to God

This is the most succinct article on American rebellion I’ve read so far.

End Times Prophecy Report

apostasy is rebellion against God


A lot about TYRANNY is being written and addressed to those who go by the name of “Christians.”  This usually means those who inhabit the buildings we call “the churches.”

Tyranny: AS IF the Word of God is made of none effect when someone claims a government is “tyranny.”

In addition, there has also been much written about REBELLION which targets the same group of self-professed “Christians.”

Many of these pieces have been written by those who have the title of “pastor.” Others have been penned by members of various “ministries.”

While much of what has been written sounds good to American ears, the bulk of these writings are NOT biblical.

VIDEO) Resisting tyranny – A reminder: the true Christian has two ways to resist “tyranny.”  1- He is to disobey any law…

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