Bearing Burdens – He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Brother

A Mom Looking Up

Posted by Douglas Twitchell on Feb 9, 2006

Two times in the last month, under completely different circumstances, I’ve had people say to me “I don’t want to be a burden.” In both cases the statement was made by another Christian. Both times my reply was: “How could you be a burden? You’re part of myfamily. This is just what we do for each other.”

We always talk about “brothers” and “sisters” in Christ, but I don’t think we often stop to really think about what it means that we are family.

I remember hearing a story about two brothers who were walking one day, and the younger one became tired, so he asked his older brother to carry him. The older boy scooped his brother up in his arms and began to carry him. As he walked, a neighbor chuckled and said, “Wow. He must be…

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