Untold tragedy hits Pine Ridge; Silence reigns

This isn’t the typical thing I blog or reblog, but this is something that needs to be seen. Word needs to get out about what is going on but isn’t being reported.


Potato Creek, SD —  The silence surrounding what could only be described as a horror on the Pine Ridge reservation is deafening. The news of two bruised, beaten, possibly sexually assaulted and severely malnourished children received almost no attention. Nearly two weeks later, as of this writing, there still has been no public outcry for the simple fact that the public hasn’t even heard of the abuse.

Out of respect and consideration for these two young Lakota children I will not provide any identifying information beyond the fact they were living with family in the Potato Creek community located between Kyle and Wamblee,  SD.

On or about November 12, 2016 a house party was reported in the cluster housing located in Potato Creek.  While breaking up the party law enforcement discovered two girls, ages 3 and 4. According to one of the people on scene during the rescue the girls…

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