Candid observations re. the level of life

The Lions Den

Did I say candid? Ha, as if that has been a shortcoming. Nope, many defects here, but candor is not on the short list. So, if I may offer a few tales from the world of blogging, based on facts, fairness, repeatable proof, and the true nature of criminal conduct….

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There is a hatred of scripture that is abnormal. I’m not talking about a disdain for the works of Shakespeare that some people have, who while spurning the poetry, would never dream of spending a lifetime to discredit his work, nope, I’m speaking of the consistent, daily, mind numbing encompassing of time and energy to DISCREDIT that which is the monarch of books, and by way of association, to cast aspersion upon He who alone could inspire such a record of  the life and times of man and earth.

God has no equal. He is before the bee and the…

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