O Eternity!

Revival & Reformation

5_2.jpg(James Smith, “The Way of Salvation Set Forth”)

They will go away to eternal punishment–but the righteous to eternal life!” Matthew 25:46

The soul is immortal–it can never cease to be. It is destined by the immutable decree of God, to exist eternally.

O eternity! Who can conceive your dimensions!

Forever! Who can grasp the mighty idea!

To exist forever–solemn consideration!

Millions of ages as numerous . . .
as the stars in the skies,
as the sands on the seashore,
as blades of grass on the surface of the globe,
as leaves which fall from the trees in autumn
–are as nothing in comparison with eternity!

But where shall we exist? How will eternity be spent by us? In happiness–or in torment?

That will entirely depend upon the character, the state, the condition–in which we live and die. If we live in sin, if we…

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One thought on “O Eternity!

  1. Paul October 29, 2017 / 7:30 PM

    Very sobering isn’t it? To be in the presence of the Merciful Lamb for eternity. To be in the presence of the Wrathful Lamb for eternity. Woe to those whom God hasn’t chosen for salvation. My heart breaks.


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