Ten years out and still wondering


Been wondering and musing about some things lately. Seems like the past several months I’ve unplugged from all the “discernment groups” and the “weekly guru prophesy updates” and now I see how much I’ve needed to. This may be a bit messy and probably not with any rhyme or reason….just me processing.

It’s clear and anyone can certainly see the “apostacy” taking place in the churches today. It only takes a little thought, for those of us who are older and came from a family of “church goers” or have done a little church history homework, to realize that the exponential increase of apostacy taking place today was in full operation decades ago. With false prophets and teachers laying the solid foundation of lies and deceit and our parents and grandparents following blindly.

Many of us have spent the past several years deprogramming from the scriptural lies that we have…

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