The Reality of Death

Revival & Reformation

Approx. 38 million Americans will die in their sleep every year. That’s 12% of the population.

Why is death so important to focus on? It seems Christians focus on death a lot. Why?

Most of the unsaved world asks this question. With media and society focusing on having fun and living for self, it would seem death doesn’t really have much of a place in our world. But with 2 people dying every second, and 1 in 8 dying in their sleep every year…among all the other dangers that face us on a daily basis, you would think that death would definitely be something that we all focus on.

Death is a real threat to the human race! I say that as seriously as I can. No joke intended. Do you think about your mortality? Do you realize that you won’t live forever? Do you realize that one day, that…

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