The Beginning of the Last Reformation

This is real.  I’ve experienced it for myself.. am continuing to experience it, but haven’t taken the next step of faith into the next part.  I hope you’ll watch this movie.  It’s powerful and it’s how we need to be living in these last days.



A Journey That Started With A Dream

Over a year ago, I had a dream about my dad.  In the dream I met him in an airport in a room that resembled some kind of waiting area with tables and chairs. A flight was announced and he got up and pulled on a blue jacket over his work clothes.  Three or four other men in the room started getting up too.  I hugged my dad and he told me, “Take care of your mother.” I told him I would and then I watched as he followed the other men out of the room to go board the airplane.  I knew they were on their way to work.  Then I left the airport. End of dream.

At the time, I wasn’t sure what it meant.  Then my dad ended up having open heart surgery last summer, and as I sat waiting with my mother and sister while he was being operated on, I couldn’t shake that dream.  I was afraid he was going to die.  But he didn’t. A couple days later, however, he had a stroke.  It left his right side useless. Then I found myself reassessing this dream.  I finally told my mom about the dream and she said that maybe that this was a journey for him.  We just didn’t know what kind.

So, my father continued to get better and better.  The stroke had changed him not only physically, but mentally.  He started going to church with my mom, and every night she had to read the Bible to him and pray with him.  They would pray for everyone in the family, and he would remind her if she forgot to mention someone.

Last week their church had a revival service.  I was able to make it down for the Friday night service.  This was in a Pentecostal church and the presence of God was powerful. My dad, mom, niece, and myself were praying up front with everyone else.  A couple men were praying with my dad.  Not only was my dad filled with the Holy Ghost, but his left hand, which has been in constant crippling pain from arthritis, was healed.

Then on Sunday, he was baptized in the name of Jesus.


So, in my mind, this dream I had over a year ago was certainly about God taking my dad on a long journey from being a prideful, sinful man to humbling him in order to bring him to salvation.  It has been a tough road, not only for my dad, but for my mom and our entire family.  It is a blessing, though, to be at this point in time, looking back and seeing how God orchestrated this whole thing.  It’s a marvelous, wondrous thing, and I thank God for allowing me to be there to witness my dad’s salvation.  I can’t even begin to explain what joy it brought to me, and most of all, to my mother.