This Is Incredibly Powerful…Convicting…

I am generally a skeptic when it comes to people’s dreams and visions.  But the Lord is showing me tonight that there are genuinely real ones with real messages.  This one has me weeping and repenting. If you do nothing else, PLEASE, watch this one to the end.

New Orleans Dream

I had a dream a week or so ago that I believe was either prophetic, a warning, or both.  I’ve had dreams in the past, but they’ve usually been for me personally.  This one was different.  I hesitate to share it because I’m not even sure if it means anything, but it’s been on my mind and I feel compelled to post it.  It’s not a long dream and I will post what I’ve come upon when researching to verify the items in my dream.

In the dream, I was in a tall building in a city.  I was looking out the window and could see the rooftop of part of the same building I was in as well as brown buildings laid out in a pattern beyond.  I knew in my dream that they were some kind of government buildings.  In the room with me was my husband and another man, (I have no idea who it was. Never saw a face.  He was just there.)  We were in a bedroom. 

The building we were in was old and dilapidated – like the ones around us.  It was a condo or a hotel. I looked down and I could see through the slats of wood which comprised the floor.  It didn’t look safe, but I didn’t have any fear of falling through them.  Instead, I could see huge clusters of bright green grapes hanging from a rack of some sort on the next floor down.  There were two layers of them, one row hanging over the other.  They weren’t the opaque green of grapes you find in the store but more translucent.  (The color really stuck out in my mind.) And it was a light area, as if sunlight was shining on them.  Everything else around was darker.  Not night, but just darker/dull.

It was around that point that I knew I was in New Orleans.  I had flown there with my husband.  Not sure why he was there but he was supposed to be there and I wasn’t.  I was on my way somewhere else and had flown from the west somewhere to Memphis with him.  Instead of going on east, I had flown to New Orleans with him because it was too early for me to go where I was supposed to go. 

I told my husband that this wasn’t a good place to be.  It was like being in a bad part of town. I also told him that there was an inn or hotel up north that we should go to.  I told him it was America’s Choice

I think there was more to the dream, but I am not positive. I remember a hotel and checking in, but having to wait while a room was cleaned.  Truthfully, I don’t remember which part of the dream that was in or if it’s even relevant. Or a different dream altogether.

UPDATE 8/17/16:

I decided that in light of the recent in flooding in Louisiana to take another look at this post.  I can’t say that this dream was about what is going on because I don’t see the relation between the two events.  In any case, I did remove my interpretation of this dream because I felt it was not correct.