The Beginning of the Last Reformation

This is real.  I’ve experienced it for myself.. am continuing to experience it, but haven’t taken the next step of faith into the next part.  I hope you’ll watch this movie.  It’s powerful and it’s how we need to be living in these last days.



Speaking In Tongues

I came across the following article at Praying For Revelation, and felt it was worth sharing.  I know this is a particularly touchy subject with a lot of people, but it seriously shouldn’t be.  It’s one of the gifts graciously given by God for our edification, and also, I personally believe, to aid us in spiritual warfare.  But that’s a whole other topic of conversation.  Anyway, I hope you will take a couple minutes to read the article whether or not you believe in this gift.  It’s worth the time.

Speaking In Tongues…Do You Believe?